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Seat back durability testing machine

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类型 Office chair tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8627
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Office chair seat surface, back integrated durability testing machine WSD-8627

one. Test scope:

The testing machine simulates the user in the test office chair, often sit, rise and lean back, will impose fatigue load on the seat and back, so that the seat and back under a certain load, after a certain number of times, to see its damage. Designed to assess the ability of the seat face and back to withstand static forces and fatigue strength.

two. Applicable standard: BIFMA 5.1:2002 QB/T2280-2007

Three. Main composition and function

1. The size of the test force is measured and controlled directly by the force sensor, and the accuracy meets the standard requirements

2. Equipped with solenoid valve, regulating pressure filter oil filter water and other pneumatic components.

3. Equipped with position sensor to check whether the dynamic test part is damaged, and will automatically stop the test and retain the test data.

4. The number of tests can be set, and the number of tests can be directly displayed in real time

5. The seat surface of all kinds of office chairs can be entered into action and static loading test:

6. Carry out static load test on the seat surface of the chair (0-200KG arbitrary setting), the load holding time is set arbitrarily within 0-60 minutes, and the specified test times are set arbitrarily between 0-999,999 times.

7. Carry out static load on the back of the chair (0-200KG arbitrary setting), the load holding time is set arbitrarily within 0-60 minutes, and the specified test times are set arbitrarily between 0-999,999 times.

8. Carry out dynamic fatigue endurance test on the seat surface and back of all kinds of high chairs or office chairs, suitable for the height of the center of the back from the ground in 500-1100mm; A chair with a seat height of 300-800mm above the ground. During the test, the specified force (0-200KG arbitrary setting) is applied on the surface of the table first, and then the specified force (0-200KG) is applied on the back, and the relaxation is used as a cycle, which automatically stops after reaching the specified number of tests;

1. Power sensor capacity :200KG (two)

2. Accuracy of force sensor: 1/1000

3. Measurement accuracy: ±1%(static)


4. Test speed: 10~30 times/min adjustable

5. Test times: 0-999,999 times can be set arbitrarily

6. Force sensor type: spoke type (high accuracy, good stability, good strength)

7. Control mode: PLC control + force sensor to form force closed-loop control

8. Display mode: full color LCD touch screen

9. Data storage: computer memory and U disk

10. Report generation method: The data can be automatically printed on the ordinary computer through the U disk and the test report

11. Stop mode: Automatically stop when the number of tests is reached, the specimen is damaged or the deformation is too large

12. Cylinder and other pneumatic components brand: AirTAC

13. Other electrical appliances: Omron and Taiwan Shilin

14. The main body of the machine is steel component, high strength, not easy to deformation.

15. The base of the machine is solid steel with good stability, equipped with reinforcing bars and flat feet for water transfer.

16. Electrostatic spraying of machine appearance, electroplating of other parts, high rust prevention ability, beautiful appearance.

17. Use gas pressure: 6 KG/CM2

18. Power supply: single-phase 220V 50HZ 800w


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