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Office chair caster impact testing machine

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类型 Office chair tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8676
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Office chair caster impact testing machine WSD-8676

Scope and method of application: Observe by applying instantaneous impact force to the caster of the office chair

Applicable standard: BIFMA 5.1:2002 QB/T2280-2007 QB 5224-2018

Third, whether there are gaps, cracks and other phenomena. Impact contrast tests can also be carried out on the same material

4. The machine absorbs the drop hammer in an electromagnetic way, and rises to a specific height, releases the drop hammer, and strikes the specimen

V. Technical parameters:

1) Impact steel hammer: 5kg (+0.1~+0) 1

2) Maximum impact height: 0.1-1m adjustable

3) Scale index value: 1 mm

4) Specimen fixing platform: T-plate, easy to install fixing fixture

5) Drop hammer control mode: DC electromagnetic control

6) Chassis: Solid base is used to prevent pulsation during impact, or energy attenuation vibration

7) Electromagnet: electromagnet adsorption drop hammer, as long as the test key is gently pressed, the drop hammer can automatically fall, without any obstruction 8) Control box: the machine and the control box are separated, can be placed in a safer place to prevent the object from hurting the operator when falling


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