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Ball moment test bench

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类型 Automobile ball head testing machine
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8835
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Ball head moment test bench WSD-8835

I. Scope of use;

By simulating the force of the ball head in the actual loading, the starting moment, swinging moment and rotating moment of the suspended ball head products under load or no load can be detected. The test environment during the test can be set at -**℃ to **℃.

Ii. Based on standards;

QC/T1021-2015 "Automobile Independent Suspension ball pin assembly performance requirements and bench test Methods"

Iii. Technical parameters;

1. High and low temperature box temperature: -**℃-- +**℃ can be set

2. Box temperature uniformity: ±3℃

3. Heating and cooling speed: 3℃/Min

4. Temperature sensor: Pt100 (type)

5. Temperature display accuracy: 0.1℃

6. Temperature control accuracy: ±3℃

7. Temperature control mode: PID (system control accuracy)

8. Display mode: 7-inch full-color LCD touch screen, temperature running curve can be run according to standard programming. The initial temperature can be set separately.

9. Rotation and yaw drive mode: Panasonic servo motor and planetary reducer, mechanical transmission, fixture, high control accuracy, good stability

10. Radial \ axial loading force: **KN, (can load both axial and radial)

11. Radial loading force sensor capacity: **KN

12. Axial loading force sensor capacity: **KN

13. Accuracy of force sensor: ≤1%

14. Sensor resolution: 1/10000

15. Power sensor brand: American Legend or World Quan

16. Maximum torque of rotation/deflection: **Nm

17. Rotation and swing torque sensor capacity: **N.m

18. Rotation and swing torque sensor accuracy: ≤1%

19. Torque sensor brand: Beijing Sanjing

20. Rotation Angle: 0 ~ ±**°, can be set directly in the control software,

21. Swing Angle: : 0 ~ ±**°, can be directly set in the control software.

22. Rotation and swing speed: *°/S-----*°/S can be set

23. Servo motor brand: Japan Panasonic

24. Operation interface display mode: all Chinese, all digital display


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