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PC controlled electric bicycle comprehensive road testing machine

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类型 Bicycle comprehensive testing machine
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8705
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Pc-controlled bicycle comprehensive road testing machine WSD-8705 technical specification

Scope of application: This machine is mainly used to test the road conditions of bicycles and bicycles to simulate the actual use of the environment. Put the finished car on the test machine, configure the weight according to the standard, adjust the weight, adjust the safety device, and set the relevant parameters on the computer for testing.

Second, according to the standard: ISO4210-2015

Iii. Test method:

1) Before the test, install the bike on the fixture

2) Distribute the weight on each part of the bicycle, and lock the nut to prevent the weight from falling during the test

3) Set the test speed, mileage and other data on the PC

4) Start the machine and start the test. When the sample is damaged or reaches a predetermined mileage, the machine automatically saves the results and stops working

Iv. Test Content:

1) Bicycle durability test: the bicycle durability test with adjustable speed of 15Km/h can detect the mileage in real time

2) Report processing: The above test results can be saved in the computer, independently set the report format, free printing.

V. Technical parameters:

1) Machine speed :0-15km /h adjustable

2) Speed control accuracy :±0.1km/s

3) Test fixture: front wheel, rear wheel, saddle

4) Load :110.5 kg (superposition method)

5) Speed measurement accuracy :≤2%

6) Ranging accuracy :≤1%

7) Adjustable front and rear drum spacing: 600-1300mm

8) Braking force control: closed-loop control

9) Tire puncture protection: automatic detection

10) Battery overload shutdown protection: automatic detection

11) Front and rear drum diameter :Φ260MM

12) Transmission mode: synchronous transmission of front and rear wheels, single-wheel movement of electric vehicles

13) System resistance: through magnetic powder brake

14) Main motor: inverter motor

The brand that controls the computer is Dell.

16) With infrared microswitch 5 sets (when the bicycle tire burst or other parts are damaged, when the parts fall, immediately stop)

17) Power supply :2.2KW380V 50Hz, can be customized according to customer requirements

18) The main body of the equipment is made of I-beam steel, and other components are made of aluminum profiles, electrostatic spraying in appearance, and equipped with special feet

19) Weight: about 1200 kg


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