PC controlled flywheel dynamic durability testing machine

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类型 Flywheel testing machine
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8776
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Wdsd-8776 PC-controlled flywheel dynamic endurance testing machine

First, the scope of application: This machine is used for the load fatigue test of bicycle flywheel, in the case of loading a certain load, after a certain number of times, to see whether the flywheel working condition is still intact, for manufacturers to further improve and verify product quality, to provide data support

Second, test standard: QB/T 1887-2017,

Third, the working principle:

The servo motor and planetary reducer are used to drive the rotation of the turntable, and the swing rod is driven by the connecting rod to drive the teeth of the flywheel. The axis of the flywheel is installed on one end of the machine test shaft, and the other end of the test shaft is installed on the magnetic powder brake, through which the required damping is applied.

When running, the motor above the machine has been rotating, and the pendulum rod drives the teeth of the flywheel to rotate at a certain Angle. The damping of the machine can be adjusted to simulate the fatigue test of the whole flywheel under different loads. The machine control system detects the change of speed signal, the flywheel is damaged, and automatically alarms and stops.

Four, the main performance:

1. Control mode: computer control

2. Flywheel swing Angle: 20 degrees --90 degrees can be adjusted

3. Flywheel swing frequency: 20--120in can be set

4. Test times: 0--999,999 Arbitrary setting, automatic display of test process, automatic retention of test results.

5. The flywheel damping adopts 50Nm magnetic powder brake, which can stepless set the damping size of the drum.

6. Torque sensor: 100N.m, accuracy 0.5, control accuracy less than 0.5%FS

7. Servo motor brand: Panasonic

8. Planetary Reducer brand: Humphrey

9. Power supply: 2KW AC220V 50Hz

10. Stop: reach the number of times or the specimen halfway damaged, automatic stop, and retain the number of tests.

11. Horizontal feet: There are horizontal adjustment feet around the front and back, adjustable level.

12. The main body of the machine is a shaped steel component with good stability, equipped with reinforcing bars and flat feet for water transfer.

13. Electrostatic spraying of machine appearance, electroplating of other parts, high rust prevention ability, beautiful appearance

14. The upper part of the machine is equipped with protective cover, safe and beautiful.

5, computer: brand computer DELL OptiPlex 360 or Lenovo equivalent

The configuration is as follows:

Processor: OptiPlex(TM)360 MT includes Intel (R) Pentium (R) dual-core processor E2200

Key Disk: USB port entry-level keyboard (English) - Black

Mouse: Dell (TM) USB optical mouse (black)

The Computrace Disable Info Mod is available in the system

Project included in system: Integrated Broadcom(R) 10/100/1000 LOM(BCM5787)

The project is already included in the system: Integrated ADI-1984 high definition audio

Items are already included in the system: Intel (R) G31 Express chipset

The project is already included in the system: Integrated Intel (R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3100

Memory: 1GB NECC dual-channel DDR2 667MHz SDRAM memory

Optical equipment 1:16X MaxDVD-ROM Drive with RAM function

Display: 19" widescreen LCD display

Diagnostic CD: OptiPlex diagnostic CD suitable for 32-bit operating systems

SATA Hard Drive: 160GB SATA hard drive (7200RPM - 8MB cache)

OPERATINGSYSTEM: The latest dedicated fatigue testing machine testing software under WINDOWS, the software itself contains detailed operating instructions, and a set of detailed operating instructions are attached. The computer can be compatible with OS/2, NOVELL, UNIX, WINDOWSNT and other networks and multi-users, and the operating system is suitable for various software packages compatible with PCS. Simplified Chinese interface, Chinese and English test report.

Six, PC online function description:

1. Signal conversion controller:

⑴. Load Sensor [Sensor]

(2) Position sensor

(3) Signal Conversion Collector [Data Collector]

2. Basic functions Perform the dynamic fatigue testing machine test program, the following information can be obtained:

1) Maximum torque

2) Current torque

3) Test frequency

4) Torque-time curve

Seven, machine details

1. One host

2. A computer (including host and monitor)

3. One electric control box

4. One certificate

5. A copy of the manual


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