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Chair double roller dynamic fatigue strength testing machine

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类型 Wheelchair testing machine
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8421
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Wheelchair double roller dynamic fatigue strength testing machine WSD-8421

I. Scope of use: The machine tests the damage of the whole wheelchair and its components after a certain period of operation. In order to improve the product structure or fastness of the reference, and to provide a basis for the quality of the finished car to meet the standard requirements.

two. According to standard: ISO 7176-8, GB/T 18029.8

3. Technical parameters

1, meet the requirements of the constraint device in the standard

2, real-time digital display of the speed of two rollers

3, the weight of the test object: can withstand 300kg

4, movement mode: electric

5, test speed: 1.0m/s(reference roller)

6, 1.02-1.07m /s(driven roller)

7, drum diameter: 250±25mm

8, the center distance of the roller is adjustable about 380_1000㎜.

9. Length of roller: 1000mm

10, support structure: aluminum extrusion frame combination.

11, impact block size: in line with the specification: 36±3×12±1×700(W×H×L)mm

12, impact block position: central phase difference 1800

13, cylinder surface mining embossing processing

14. The roller adopts anti-rust surface treatment

15. Roller distance adjustment method adopts hand wheel quick adjustment method, equipped with distance display device between rollers.

16, the number of tests: 0-999,999 can be set

17, control mode: Delta 7 inch color touch screen and PLC control

18, power source: Dongyuan inverter motor

19, counter: with power off to maintain the function and reach the set value of automatic stop function

20, micro switch: left and right limit micro switch, to prevent damage to the test object protection machine.

21, the main body of the machine is a steel component, high strength, not easy to deformation.

22, the machine base is solid steel, good stability, equipped with reinforcing bars and water transfer flat feet.

23, the appearance of the machine electrostatic spraying, other parts electroplating treatment, high rust prevention ability, beautiful appearance.

24, control box: the machine and the control box are separated. It can be placed in a safer place to prevent the operator from being injured when the object falls.


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