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Stroller dynamic durability testing machine

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类型 Stroller tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8508
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Child stroller dynamic durability testing machine WDSD-8509

one. Test principle: The machine is used to simulate the overall damage of the child stroller in the process of implementation, the overall damage of the stroller after driving a certain distance, when the test object is damaged, the platform will automatically stop, automatically record the number of tests, and retain the test results.

two. Test standard: EN 1888

Three. Technical parameters:

1) Model: cylinder, diameter =200mm±5mm, H=300mm±5mm, G=150+ 0.1kg

Diameter =160mm±5mm, H=300mm±5mm, G=90+ 0.1kg

2) Test speed :5km/h adjustable

3) Number of cycles: 72,000 times

4) Test obstacles :1 group

5) Counter: 0--999,999 arbitrary setting

6) Power source: DC motor

7) Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Four. Equipment details:

 one host

 One control cabinet

 Model 2

 Clip a set

 A copy of the instructions

 one certificate of qualification


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