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Sharp tip edge tester

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类型 Stroller tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8231
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Sharp edge tester WDSD-8231

I. Main technical indicators:

1) Used to detect whether there is a dangerous and safe sharp edge in the position that the toy can reach.


Meet the standard:

USA: 16CFR 1500.48

ASTM F 963 4.8;

Eu: EN-71 1998 August 14;

China: GB6675-2003 A.5.8

3) Standard configuration:

Sharp edge tester 1 set

1 power charger

1 copy of manual

Certificate 1 picture is for reference only, the actual subject shall prevail

One copy of warranty card

How to use:

1, roll a circle of TFE adhesive paper on the sharp edge tester head, and its overlap size cannot exceed 0.1in (0.25mm).

2. Fix the position of the sample so that the tested side cannot move and bend.

3, when the position of the touchable side of the assembled toy is not enough to test, the sample should be removed to test, but if the removal will affect its hardness, other objects can be used to make it hard, but its support area can not be greater than the test object.

4, the Angle between the tester and the test side is 90°±5°.

5. The contact point between the edge of the sample and the adhesive paper should be about the middle part of the adhesive paper.

6, the sample should be tested in its most unfavorable position.

7. Adjust the loading force of the sharp edge tester to 1.35LBS (6N).

8. Apply downward force so that the loading force indicator line is in the middle of the instrument standard scale line, and the force on the test side is 1.35LBS.

9, turn on the sharp edge tester switch to make its test shaft rotate one circle.

10. Carefully disassemble the adhesive paper, do not expand its cutting size, and measure its cutting length with a steel ruler.

11, if the cut length is more than 0.5in (12.5mm), the test side is the edge.

Usage and understanding:

1. Stick the PTFE adhesive paper on the test shaft as required, and then rotate the test shaft 360 degrees along the palpable edge of the test to measure the length of the test adhesive paper cut by the sample edge. Calculate the percentage of tape length to be cut. If 50% of the adhesive paper is cut, the edge is considered a sharp edge.

2. The edge to be tested shall be the accessible edge through the toy part or component.

3. If the touchable edge of the toy as a whole cannot be tested, in the case of simulating the whole toy, the touchable edge can be removed for separate testing.

4. The key to the sharp edge test is how to fix the tested edge, and ensure that the test shaft is at a right Angle to the edge, and there is no relative movement between the test shaft and the edge in the test.

5. During the rotation of the test shaft, it should be ensured that the pressure applied to the test shaft is continuous and stable

Age limit:

Age range sharp edge test requirements

Sharp edges are not allowed on toys under 36 months old

37 months to 96 months toys can have functional sharp edges, but must have warning instructions

Type of application: Toys for children aged 96 months and below.


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