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Baby stroller brake device performance testing machine

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类型 Stroller tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8512
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Stroller brake durability testing machine WSD-8512

Make it clear:

one. Test principle: This machine is used to simulate the damage of the brake device of the child stroller in the process of implementation, the brake device of the stroller is driven for a certain mileage and after a certain number of braking, the platform automatically stops when the brake device of the test object is damaged, automatically records the test times, and retains the test results.

two. Test standard: GB14748-2006 5.13

Three. Test method:

1) Place the stroller flat on the test bench and adjust the position of the brake hand so that it is just above the brake device of the stroller;

2) Adjust the position of the upper and lower electric eyes, so that the brake hand can just push the brake device of the cart to the lowest position of the brake when the cylinder moves down;

3) Fix the test model on the cart;

4) Clear and set the number of tests, press the test key to start the test, reach the set number, automatic stop;

5) Check whether each brake part is damaged after the test is completed, and judge whether it is qualified according to the standard.

Four. Technical parameters:

Ø Model: cylinder, diameter =200±0.5mm, H=300±0.5mm, G=15±0.04kg

Ø Tilt Angle of the test bench: 0--15º±1º adjustable

Ø Counter: 0--999,999 arbitrary setting

Ø Power supply: 220V AC 5A 80W

Ø Air pressure: 5 MPa

Five. Equipment details:

² One host

² One control cabinet

² Model two

² One copy of instructions

One certificate of qualification


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