High and low temperature impact test chamber

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类型 high-low temperature tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8115
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High and low temperature impact test chamber WSD-8115

I. Product Overview:

The equipment is suitable for assessing various products or materials and household appliances, instruments, meters, components and other electrical and electronic, automobile, motorcycle products, in high temperature, low temperature environmental conditions adaptability test, for various scientific research institutions and factories and mining center laboratory for reliability test.

Second, the main technical parameters of the product:

1. Model: LBALT-150-3-F

2, studio size: 500×500×600 (depth × width × height) mm

3, the outer box size: 1830*1500*2000 (depth × width × height) mm based on the actual production size

4, impact box limit temperature range: -40℃ ~ +150℃

5, high temperature setting range: 60℃ ~ 170℃

6, low temperature setting range: -60℃ ~ -10℃

7, high temperature box: preheating upper temperature 170℃, heating time from room temperature to 150℃ does not exceed 60min (average);

8, low temperature zone: pre-cooling lower limit temperature -60℃, cooling time from room temperature to -60℃ does not exceed 70min;

9. Temperature recovery function: for example, the high temperature exposure temperature is 30min at 150℃, the low temperature exposure temperature is 30min at -45℃, the high temperature exposure temperature is 30min at 150℃, the low temperature exposure temperature is 30min at -40℃, and the temperature recovery time does not exceed 5min;

10, the studio temperature deviation after constant temperature: ±2℃;

11, constant temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃;

12, display resolution: temperature 1℃, time 0.1min

13. Temperature recovery time: 5min

14, temperature recovery conditions: high temperature +80℃ insulation ≥30min, low temperature -40℃ insulation ≥30min, test weight within the specified range

15. Temperature transfer time ≤5 seconds

16, the temperature change transfer mode using pneumatic valves

17, test weight: ≤50kg

18, Power supply: AC380V/50Hz+ protection grounding

19, total power: 25KW

Ii. System configuration and technical description:

1. Box structure

1) The box is made of CNC equipment, advanced technology, smooth lines, beautiful and generous

2) The inner box is made of 1.2mm thick 304SUS advanced stainless steel wire drawing plate, and the outer box is made of 1.5mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying

3) The insulation material between the inner box and the outer box is high-quality ultra-fine glass fiber insulation cotton, which has good temperature insulation effect. Imported sealing materials and unique silicone sealing structure are used between the door and the door frame, which has good sealing and aging resistance

4) The air duct in the box adopts a double circulation system, which is composed of two long-axis axial flow fans, two stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal wind turbine and circulating air duct. The temperature in the upper air outlet and the lower air inlet bellows is uniform, which improves the air flow, heating and cooling ability, and greatly improves the temperature uniformity of the test chamber

5) The air outlet is adjustable shutter type air outlet

6) The heater is made of stainless steel 316L fin heat dissipation heating tube, which has fast heating and long life

2, refrigeration system

1) Using French "Taikang" or Danfoss "Meyoule" cascade refrigeration compressor unit (air cooling)

2) Refrigeration compressor: In order to ensure the cooling rate and the minimum temperature requirements of the test chamber, the test chamber uses a cascade refrigeration system

3) The design of the refrigeration system should have energy regulation technology, an effective treatment method can ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit and can effectively adjust the energy consumption and cooling capacity of the refrigeration system, so that the operating costs and failure rate of the refrigeration system are reduced to a more economic state.

4) Refrigeration accessories: air-cooled coil condenser, fin type multi-stage evaporator, the main refrigeration accessories and control devices are imported originals, such as: the United States "Aigao" filter dryer; Italian "Castor" solenoid valve;

5) Refrigerant: imported R404R23

6) Cooling method: air cooling

3. Measurement and control system

Using cold and heat shock tester controller, liquid crystal touch screen double temperature programmable, high precision, stable control, the controller uses 7.0 inch LCD LCD display touch screen, set value, measurement value, time, heater and other working states can be visually displayed, and has automatic test operation and PID

1) Parameter self-tuning function. The setting of control parameters adopts the human-machine dialogue mode of the Chinese interface, the interface is friendly, and the automatic operation function of the refrigerator can be realized only by setting the temperature. The control system uses intelligent control software system, with automatic combination of refrigeration, heating and other subsystems working conditions, so as to ensure high precision control in the entire temperature range, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. The perfect detection device can automatically carry out detailed fault display and alarm, such as when the test box is abnormal, the controller will automatically display the fault state. Optional RS232 computer interface and communication software.

i. Temperature display accuracy: 0.1℃;

ii. Program: Program group: 120 groups;

Program segments: 1200 segments, maximum 99 segments per group;

Program running time: maximum running time of 99 hours and 99 minutes;

iii. Operation mode: program operation or constant operation

iv. The device has an independent timer for working time accumulation

2) The sensor is A class Pt100 platinum resistance sensor with high precision and accuracy

4, electrical control system

1) The electrical control part adopts French "Schneider" AC contactor, thermal relay, reliable quality

2) The solid state relay is "Good" brand

3) Other components are well-known domestic brand "Delixi"

4) Electrical circuit design is novel, safe and reliable

5) The right side of the box is the electrical control cabinet, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance

5, security protection system

1) Overtemperature alarm

2) underphase and underphase protection

3) Overcurrent protection

4) Fast fuse

5) Compressor high and low pressure protection

6) Compressor overheating protection

7) Compressor overcurrent protection

8) Lack of air protection

9) Line fuse and fully sheathed terminals

10) Ground protection

11) Equipment selection:

High and low temperature impact test chamber: LBALT-150-3-F

Manufacturer: Wuxi Lambo Test Equipment Co., LTD

12) Acceptance and implementation standards:

This device meets: GB/T2423.22-87Na,GJB150.5-86

13) Equipped with technical data:

Provide product certificate, warranty card, operation manual, electrical schematic diagram and instrument manual and other related information

14) Mode of transport:

Mode of transportation: auto

Packing method: wood base packing

15) Quality assurance system:

It has ISO9001 quality system certification

16) Acceptance criteria and methods:

Acceptance standards: relevant national standards or "technical parameters" signed by both parties;

17) Ambient temperature

① Temperature: +25℃

② Relative humidity: not more than 85%R·H

③ Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106kPa

④ There is no strong vibration around

No direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources

There is no strong airflow around, when the surrounding air needs to flow strongly, the airflow should not be blown directly to the box

⑦ There is no strong electromagnetic field around

⑧ There is no high concentration of dust and corrosive substances around

Iii. Remarks:

The price quoted is tax included, VAT invoice issued, free transportation, commissioning and training

This equipment implements three guarantees, one year repair period, lifelong maintenance!

Iv. Training and after-sales service

1. Pre-sales service: provide customers with free product technical solutions before product sales, and provide on-site explanation and technical consulting services according to customer requirements.

2. After-sales service: send personnel to provide free product use training for customers after product sales, on-site guidance on product use and maintenance

3. Quality assurance: The shelf life of the product is 1 year from the date of acceptance, and non-human quality problems occur within the shelf life of the product, our company provides free maintenance for customers

4. Maintenance service: Our company provides lifetime maintenance service for the products used. If the product fails outside the shelf life, the maintenance service only charges the component fee (for customers in remote areas, the maintenance personnel travel fee is charged as appropriate).

5. Fast service: Our company promises that the customer service hotline will respond within 2 hours after receiving customer consultation or maintenance information; Repair services arrange for personnel to arrive at the scene within 24 hours of the response.

Three boxes of high and low temperature impact test box main configuration list


place of origin.


Refrigeration compressor






Oil separator



Plate heat exchanger


Alfa laval




Cushioned hose


North Peak

Expansion dissolver


North Peak

Liquid receiver


North Peak

Oil pressure controller

Britain and America


High-low pressure controller

Britain and America


Single high pressure controller

Britain and America


Chilled oil






Expansion valve



Hand valve



Solenoid valve



Ball valve



Safety valve






Color touch screen



Circuit breaker

International famous brand


Leakage protector

International famous brand


Ac contactor

International famous brand


Thermal relay

International famous brand


Solid-state relay



Intermediate relay




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