Cold impact testing machine for plastic parts

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类型 塑料冲击试验机
保修期 1年
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8110
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Plastic parts cold impact testing machine WSD-8110


(1) Impact part

This machine is used for cold impact test of foot, saddle, synthetic resin, plastic test object, etc. It can realize multi-function test of one machine, can carry out a variety of impact tests, and reduce the cost.

I. Executable tests:

1. Cold impact test of synthetic resin

2. Plastic test object cold impact test

2. Impact height can be selected

(2) Constant temperature and humidity part

one. Technical data:

Temperature range: -40℃ ~ 150℃

Humidity range: 25% ~ 98%

Analytical accuracy: Temperature :0.1℃

Cooling rate: 0.7℃ per minute

Inner box size: 800x500x800(mm) D x W xH.

Material of inner box: SUS#304 heat-resistant and cold-resistant stainless steel plate

Outer box material: cold rolled plate electrostatic spray

Insulation material: high density glass wool and high strength PU foam insulation material.

Auxiliary equipment: double-layer high tension compression, a shelf, a test hole, multi-layer vacuum glass window;

two. Freezing system and heating system:

1. Originally imported energy-saving high-efficiency compressor.

2. Wavy fin type forced air supply condenser.

3. Slope FIN-TUBE evaporator.

4. Original imported solenoid valve; Drying filter; Expansion valves and other chilled components.

5. Inner screw type K-TYPE refrigerant copper pipe.

6.U-TYPE fin type high-speed electric heat pipe.

Three. Air circulation system and drainage system:

1. Adopt multi-wing centrifugal circulation fan.

2.FLOW THROW Air supply mode. Horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange arc cycle.

3. Adjustable side blowing outlet and protection network return air outlet.

4. The drainage system adopts the vortex drain and U TRAP sedimentation device.

Four. Circuit control system: microcomputer control mode

1. The original programmable temperature and humidity controller imported from Japan, precise, stable and easy to operate.

2. The number is directly set and displayed. All conditions are locked entirely automatically by the microcomputer.

3. Various control conditions. It can be monitored in operation. Such as instantaneous output power. Temperature to know the set value.

4. In the setting. If there is an error. Will provide warning signs.

5. Power outage memory device for two years.

Five. Security protection system:

No fuse protection switch, overtemperature protection device, refrigeration compressor overload protection device.



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