Xenon lamp weathering aging test chamber

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Xenon lamp weathering aging test chamber

1: Overview of the machine:

1, the use of xenon arc lamps that can simulate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive light waves in different environments can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development and quality control.

2, SN type xenon arc lamp test chamber can be used for the selection of new materials, change existing materials or evaluate the durability of changes in material composition, can be a good simulation of the material under different environmental conditions, the material exposed to sunlight caused by the change.

3. Aging test is carried out by exposing the material sample to the light and thermal radiation of xenon arc lamp. To evaluate the light resistance and weather resistance of some materials under the action of high temperature light source. Mainly used in automobile, paint, rubber, plastic, pigment, adhesive, fabric and so on.

Two: Main parameters:

1. Studio size (mm) : (500×500×600)(width × depth × height)

2, temperature range: RT℃ ~ 80℃

3, humidity range: 25% ~ 98%R.H

4, blackboard temperature: 0~80 degrees Celsius (deviation ±3 degrees Celsius)

5, temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃

6, temperature uniformity: ≤±2.0℃

7, humidity fluctuation: +2% ~ -3% R.H

8. Glass window filter: borosilicate glass

9. Xenon lamp source: imported air-cooled xenon arc source

10, xenon lamp power: 1.8KW

11, the total number of lamps: 1

12, rainfall time: 1 ~ 9999 minutes, continuous rainfall is adjustable

13, rainfall cycle: 1 ~ 240 minutes, interval (off) rainfall is adjustable

14, nozzle diameter: 0.8mm (return water ultrafine filter to prevent nozzle blockage)

15, rain water pressure: 0.12 ~ 0.15kpa

16, spray cycle (spray time/no spray time) : 18min/102min or 12min/48min(spray time/no spray time) Spray pressure 0.12 ~ 0.15Mpa, rainfall time: 1-9999 minutes

17, heating power: 4.5KW

18. Humidifying power: 3KW

19, light cycle continuous adjustable time 0 ~ 999 hours

20, spectral wavelength :295nm ~ 800nm irradiance range 100W ~ 1500W/㎡ adjustable.

21. This product is designed and manufactured strictly according to the technical parameters of GB/T16422.2-99 (2007).

At the same time, it conforms to (GB/T1865-97 (2007), GB/T9344-88, GB/T16422.2-99, GB/T2423.24-1995, ASTMG155, ISO10SB02/B04, SAEJ2527, SAEJ2412) and other standards

Three: equipment use conditions

1, ambient temperature: 5℃ ~ +35℃ (average temperature within 24 hours ≤35℃)

2. Ambient humidity: ≤85%R.H

3, the operating environment needs to be below the room temperature of 35 degrees and well ventilated, the machine is placed around 80 centimeters before and after can not place anything;

Four: refrigeration system

(1) Refrigeration system and compressor

1. Refrigeration compressor: imported Japan "Panasonic" fully enclosed refrigeration unit.

2. Cooling method: air cooling

3. Refrigerant: environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A

4. Main cooling accessories: Japan "Sagomiya" solenoid valve; The United States "Emerson" filter dryer. Excellent quality of domestic and foreign well-known brands of air-cooled condenser and fin multi-stage evaporator.

(2) Advantages of refrigeration system

1, improved lubrication performance and lower piston temperature bring greater reliability;

2, streamlined fuselage to improve airflow management; Reduce the pressure and improve the refrigeration efficiency;

3, the top unloading valve provides continuous minimum discharge pipe pulse;

4, SENTRONIC provides reliable lubrication protection system;

5. Use environmentally friendly refrigerants R23 and R404A (excluding CFC) that are not prohibited by the Montreal Convention or the London Amendment.

6, CONSTRUCTIVE MAIN FEATURES box structure and main features

Five, the overall structure introduction

1, the whole box shell is made of exquisite paint or stainless steel

9 Optional); The inner wall of the laboratory is made of SUS304 advanced anti-corrosion mirror stainless steel plate with reasonable structure design, sophisticated manufacturing technology and beautiful interior appearance. According to the temperature requirements of the laboratory, the thickness of the insulation layer is designed to be: 100mm. (The top is the light source box, with advanced design, and the open type is convenient for lamp maintenance and repair.)

2, the insulation material between the inner box and the outer box is high-quality ultra-fine glass fiber insulation cotton, which plays a good role in cold or hot insulation.

3. Imported sealing materials and unique silicone sealing structure are used between the door and the door frame, with good sealing performance.

4, test box door structure: single door. Door locks, hinges and other hardware accessories are "KUNLONG" original accessories.

5, the air duct in the box adopts a double circulation system, which is composed of long-axis axial flow fan, stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal wind turbine and circulating air duct. The temperature in the upper and lower bellows is uniform, which improves the air flow, heating and cooling ability, and greatly improves the temperature and humidity uniformity of the test chamber.

6, blackboard temperature: bimetal blackboard thermometer;

7, humidification method: external isolation all stainless steel shallow surface evaporation humidifier;

8, heating system: fully independent system, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater;

9, water supply system: humidification water supply using automatic control pump;

10, temperature and humidity circulation system: the use of high temperature resistant low noise long axis fan motor, high and low temperature resistance of stainless steel multi-wing impeller, to achieve the strength of convection vertical diffusion cycle;

11. Four sprinkler heads are installed on the top of the studio;

12, irradiance control: the required irradiance can be obtained by automatically controlling and adjusting the power of the radiometer (more accurate than the manual measurement method, because the lamp test period will have light decay and cannot be guaranteed in a more accurate irradiance);

13, the panel directly displays the current lamp irradiance and cumulative radiation intensity;

Control system

6. Control display interface

1, automatically display the current irradiation intensity

2, intelligent adjustment of the current irradiation intensity to the set value

3, dynamic display of rainfall, irradiation, turntable and other related functions

4, programmable control, program group 100 groups, cycle 99 times

5, temperature measurement range (-90.00℃--200.00℃, error ±0.2℃);

6, humidity measurement range (1.0--100%RH, error <1%RH);

7, communication interface (RS232C/RS485, the longest communication distance of 1.2km[fiber up to 30km]);

Program editing (can edit 100 programs, share 100 paragraphs);

8, temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature and humidity tester;

9, control mode: heat balance temperature control mode;

10, electrical control main parts: the use of "Schneider" and "Omron" components;

Seven, safety protection device

1, fan overheating protection

2, the overall equipment underphase/reverse phase protection

3, refrigeration system overload protection

4, refrigeration system overpressure protection

5, over temperature protection

6, water pump overheating, overcurrent protection

7, others have leakage

8. Water shortage indication

9, automatic stop after the fault alarm

Eight, power supply and machine power

1. Rated power: 15KW

2. Power supply: AC380V±10%, 50HZ 4KW

3. Machine noise: ≤70db

4. Weight: 680kg


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