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PLC control scooter fatigue testing machine

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类型 Scooter tester
保修期 1年
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8605
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Plc-controlled scooter fatigue testing machine (EN standard)WSD-8605

1. Scope of use:

It is mainly used to test the degree of damage to various parts such as wheels and frames after a certain period of time at the speed of 0.5m/s. Provide the basis for manufacturers to improve.

Second, the design is based on the manufacturer's enterprise standards

Iii. Test method:

1) During the test, the scooter is fixed on the test machine in accordance with the standard method, and the position of the rear wheel before and after can be adjusted by manually adjusting the position of the fixture to adapt to the size of the frame;

2) Fix the rear wheel on the special fixture, adjust the state of the various components of the scooter, so that the state of the frame is the same as the actual riding;

3) Adjust the high and low position of the loading weights to meet the standard requirements,

4) Fix each adjustable part of the scooter to prevent loosening during the test and affect the test.

5) Set the required test mileage on the touch screen.

6) Start the test program to start the test, the test reaches the set mileage or the specimen is damaged, the machine will automatically stop the test and retain the test results.

Iv. Main technical indicators:

1) Drum diameter: greater than or equal to Φ700 mm

2) Runout block specifications:

3) Driving speed: 0-0.6m /S speed can be adjusted

4) Number of beating blocks: more than 2 blocks/second (speed greater than 0.5m/s)

5) Inverter: Tai 'an 380V 2.2KW

6) Inverter motor: Taiwan brand

7) Load weight: bottom plate 90KG handle 10kg

8) Control mode: PLC and touch screen control.

9) Display mode: full color LCD touch screen

10) Data storage: PLC memory

11) Applicable scooter size specifications: wheel base 550mm----900mm

12) Test mileage: 0-999km can be set, automatically retain the test results

13) Loading method: weight loading

14) Database function: automatically record each measurement result to facilitate analysis and provide evidence

15) Power supply: three-phase 380V

16) The main body of the machine is a steel component, high strength, not easy to deformation.

17) The base of the machine is solid steel with good stability, equipped with reinforcing bars and flat feet for water transfer.

18) Electrostatic spraying of machine appearance, electroplating of other parts, high rust prevention ability, beautiful appearance.

19) This machine can do fatigue test, low endurance test

20) Half of the surface of the roller is provided with 5mm grooves with a spacing of 10mm.

21) Equipped with special fixture for wheel wear resistance.

5. Equipment details:

² One host

² Fixture set

² One copy of instructions

² One certificate of qualification

² One warranty card


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