PC controlled scooter structure two-axis fatigue testing machine

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类型 Scooter tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8404
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Pc-controlled scooter structure two-axis fatigue testing machine WD-8404

First, the test principle: Simulation of the scooter in the actual riding process, in different road conditions, because the weight of the rider will produce a certain pressure on the skateboard and the handle, transmitted to the whole skateboard main structure, especially when riding on the bumpy road, the force is relatively large and frequent, so the quality of the skateboard main structure is related to the safety of the whole car and the convenience of use. The testing machine is designed according to the relevant standards of fatigue test. The whole test system is automatically controlled by computer. The force application system adopts force closed-loop control, and automatically returns when the force loaded on the skateboard reaches the set force.

2. According to the standard:

Iii. Test method:

1) During the test, the scooter is fixed on the test machine in accordance with the standard method, and the position of the rear axle can be manually adjusted to adapt to the size of the frame;

2) Fix the front fork of the scooter on the front axle, and fix the rear hook claw on the rear axle, and lock the rear axle fixing block.

3) During the test, the fixture assembly is fixed on the testing machine and the scooter in accordance with the standard method, and the high and low position of the loading beam of the handlebar can be manually adjusted to adapt to the height of the frame;

4) Set the test force value and number of test requirements on the computer.

5) Adjust the maximum allowable deformation of the specimen, and the machine will automatically stop testing after exceeding this deformation;

6) Start the test procedure to start the test, the test reaches the set number or the specimen is damaged, the machine will automatically stop the test and retain the test results.

Four, the main technical parameters:

1. Sensor capacity: 5KN (2 discs) 1KN (1 disc)

2. Load element resolution: 1/1000

3. Test force: handlebars 500N-1500N can be set (force closed loop control), inclined downward loading

Base plate 2000N-- 3500N can be set (force closed loop control), downward loading

4. Force control accuracy: 5% (dynamic)

5. Test frequency: 0-5Hz

6. Test times: 0-999,999 times can be set

7. Loading mode: Pneumatic loading handlebar loading using 2 ¢80x100 cylinders

The bottom plate is loaded with a ¢125x100 cylinder

8. Database function: automatically record each measurement result to facilitate analysis and provide evidence

9. Adjust the position of the lock screw selection of quick disassembly, easy to operate, adjust the position using the lead screw adjustment.

10. Shutdown conditions: The specimen deformation is large, and the stroke of the cylinder exceeds the set value

11. Equipped with independent electric control box

12. With pressure regulating tank, better stable working pressure, so that the loading force is more stable.

13. Pneumatic components brand: Germany FESTO

14. Power supply: 220V 5A

15. Air source: Pressure 0.7MPa gas flow 400L/MIN

16. The main body of the machine is steel component, high strength, not easy to deformation.

17. The base of the machine is solid steel with good stability, equipped with reinforcing bars and flat feet for water transfer.

18. Electrostatic spraying of machine appearance, electroplating of other parts, high rust prevention ability, beautiful appearance.

5, computer: brand computer Lenovo or DELL OptiPlex 360 or similar products

The configuration is as follows:

Processor: OptiPlex(TM)360 MT includes Intel (R) Pentium (R) dual-core processor E2200

Ø Key disk: USB interface entry-level keyboard (English) - black

Ø Mouse: Dell (TM) USB optical mouse (black)

Ø The project is included in the system: Computrace Disable Info Mod

Ø Project included in the system: Integrated Broadcom(R)10/100/1000 LOM(BCM5787)

Ø The project is included in the system: Integrated ADI-1984 high definition audio

Project already included in the system: Intel (R)G31 Express chipset

Ø The project is included in the system: integration of Intel (R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3100

Ø Memory: 1GB NECC dual-channel DDR2667MHz SDRAM memory

Ø Optical equipment 1:16X Max DVD-ROM Drive with RAM function

Ø Display: 19" widescreen LCD display

Ø Diagnostic CD: OptiPlex diagnostic CD, suitable for 32-bit operating systems

Ø SATA Hard Drive: 160GB SATA (7200RPM - 8MB cache) hard drive

OPERATING SYSTEM: Testing software for the latest dedicated fatigue testing machine under WINDOWS, the software itself contains detailed operating instructions, and a set of detailed operating instructions are attached. The computer can be compatible with OS/2, NOVELL, UNIX, WINDOWS NT and other networks and multi-users, and the operating system is suitable for various software packages compatible with the PC. Simplified Chinese interface, Chinese and English test report.

Ø List machine: HP color list machine, can automatically print the maximum value, break point and other functions

Six, microcomputer PC online function description:

1. Signal conversion controller:

⑴. Load Sensor [Sensor]

(2) Position sensor

(3) Signal Conversion Collector [Data Collector]

2. Basic functions Perform the dynamic fatigue testing machine test program, the following information can be obtained:

1) The most powerful

2) Current force

3) Test frequency

4) Power-time graph

5) Comparison of curves

6) Average value

Seven, equipment details:

² One host

² Fixture set

² One computer (including host and monitor)

² One printer

² One copy of instructions

² One certificate of qualification

² One warranty card


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