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Scooter drop testing machine

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类型 Scooter tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8407
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Scooter drop testing machine WDSD-8407

1. Scope of application: Used to test scooters and other under a certain load, from the specified height of free fall to the ground, after a certain number of drops to check whether the parts are damaged.

two. Test principle: Customer standard EN14619:2004

Three. Test method:

1) During the test, the rear wheel of the scooter is fixed on the test machine in accordance with the standard method.

2) The scooter handle is fixed on the special fixture, and the state of each component of the scooter is adjusted, so that the state of the frame is the same as the actual riding;

3) Fix each adjustable part of the scooter to prevent loosening during the test and affect the test.

4) Set the required number of drops on the touch screen.

5) Start the test procedure and start the test.

6) After the test is completed, check whether the scooter has cracks and deformation, and judge whether it is qualified according to the standard.

Four. Technical parameters:

1) Load weight: 100kg can be adjusted by 10kg

2) The electromagnet suction can meet the weight and the total weight of the specimen 200kg test, and the suction surface is optimized to ensure the suction.

3) Drop height: can be freely set within the equipment test range

4) Weight lifting drive motor: AC motor

5) Up and down operation limit protection, protect the machine and specimen

6) Control mode: PLC and touch screen control.

7) Display mode: full color LCD touch screen

8) Effective test width of the machine: 800mm

9) Maximum drop height: 1500mm (distance from bottom plate to lower surface of drop weight)

10) Height measurement error: ±1mm

11) Fall mode: the scooter falls horizontally

12) Weight loading method: The weight is strapped on the bottom plate of the scooter through high-strength strapping straps

13) The machine structure is strengthened: the previous two pillars are strengthened into four pillars, and the guide pillars are bolstered.

14) The guide bearing is lengthened to improve the ability to resist roll and ensure the parallelism of the scooter falling to the machine floor when the impact occurs.

15) Bottom plate placement mode, 16mm steel plate is placed directly on the laboratory floor and fixed on the ground with 6 expansion bolts.

Five. Equipment details:

² One host

² One set of drop weights

² One copy of instructions

² One certificate of qualification


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