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Scooter speed testing machine

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类型 Scooter tester
保修期 1 year
产地 Chinese mainland
型号 WSD-8405
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Scooter speed testing machine WSD-8405

1. Scope of use:

It is mainly used to test whether the normal running speed meets the design requirements when the scooter is given a speed.

2. Design basis: provided by customers

Iii. Test method:

1) During the test, the front wheel of the scooter is placed in the middle of the two test rollers of the testing machine, and the rear wheel is supported by two support plates.

2) Turn on the machine power.

3) Step on the start pedal switch, and the active motor drives the front wheel of the scooter to rotate.

4) Turn the switch handle of the scooter.

5) Observe whether the speed above the speed display instrument meets the design requirements to judge whether it is qualified.

Iv. Main technical indicators:

1) Roller diameter: Φ120mm or so

2) Machine drive speed 0-3km /h

3) Speed display range 0-9999km /h

4) Speed display instrument: digital display

5) Active motor: Taiwan Songwen brand

6) Power supply: 220V

7) The main body of the machine is a steel component, high strength, not easy to deformation.

8) Electrostatic spraying of machine appearance, electroplating of other parts, high rust prevention ability, beautiful appearance.

5. Equipment details:

² Host

² Fixture

² Certificate ² Warranty Card


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